I lived at All One Farm from Feb-June 1975, and again from Sept-Dec 1976. I’ve recently revisited the farm – a very moving experience. Much of it looks and feels as it did back in the day (see IMPRESSIONS at the Reflections page.) A poignant reminder of our time there has been preserved by the current owner; an Om symbol in pink chalk on the overhead exposed barn beam as you enter the upper floor. I’m currently writing a narrative of my own spiritual journey — my recent visit to the farm was a personal pilgrimage in that regard.

The motivation behind our website is to bring together any kindred souls who’s paths may have crossed while riding that wave of spirituality and introspection that swept so many of us along, back in the day.  For some it may be a reconnection with the emotion of the time.  For others, an affirmation of its continuing place in their hearts, minds and daily lives.  But for all, a simple affirmation of the oneness of the time.

This has been a labor of love for me.  If you have photos that you would like to share please contact me at [email protected]  Thus far, people have been willing to send us their original prints so we can professionally scan and enhance their clarity.  They will be returned as soon as we scan them.  A few of the original prints were of poor photographic quality, but we are very pleased to have them and did the best we could.  No contact information will be posted on the site without the party’s permission.  And absolutely no other use will be made of contact information.  The only agenda here is a shared embrace of those wonder years.

Hare Krishna.,

Bill Angel
(aka Kamalananda)
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