Many thanks to the following for their contributions to this effort:

Walt Justus for his great graphics and digitizing and enhancing the prints and slides that were submitted.  A few of the prints were not well focused initially and were printed on matte finish paper.  But he was even able to coax a bit more clarity from them.

Tim Nash for actually constructing the site and for all the useful suggestions that fleshed out my often sketchy conceptual model.  It couldn’t have been done without him.

And thanks to Ruben Aparicio for his help with some issues along the way.

Bob and Jenny Jeffs for photos: BJ01 -BJ09

Julie Schaffer photos: JS01 – JS09

Uma Friedland for photos: U01 – U04

Shri dasi for photos: S01 – S04

Dharma: D01 – D02

Bill Angel: B01 – B05

Daniel Kottke: DK01

Elizabeth Holmes: H01

Arjun Bhattacharrya: A01